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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lucid Dreaming

I love dreams. Especially good ones that are very realistic. I mean who doesn't love dreams?

But have you ever had a lucid dream?
A lucid dream, in a nutshell, is realizing your in a dream and if you become lucid enough you can alter the course of your dreams (you can fly,have sex, whatever)

It's a lot harder to achieve than said but other people seem to have a talent of actually reaching them.

There are some ways to reach them though
The first general things are
1. always have a reality check. You know how in inception, they would have tokens to see if they were dreaming or not? yeah well Start making sure your actually in real life and not in a dream. this will catch on subconciously in your sleep and you might just realize your in a dream!
2.If you can't remember your dreams. Keep a dream journal and try to remember them as soon as you wake up. You'll eventually remember over 3 dreams a night like I do!

I finally had my first lucid dream a month or so back.
I dreamt I was in city walk but there was no one there.As soon as I realized I was in a dream, I felt myself waking up! So I summoned a minigun and stayed in my dream, crazy! haha. I couldn't fly though, there was just no gravity. It was pretty cool, until i woke up -.-

For more information on how to Lucid Dream
Check out this link


  1. .....lets try...i am going to follow

  2. My good friend claims to have done that before. I've yet to have my fullest lucid one, though.

  3. I've tried lucid dreaming a few times, but have never been successful. I hope to get it one day, sounds awesome.

  4. Yeah lucid dreaming would be pretty sweet, I guess. Never really cared enough to get into it though.

  5. I've had lucid dreams. I tried waking up during one and I couldn't - it was terrifying because I thought I had died!