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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have you guys heard of the cube ?

Have you heard of the psychological game called the cube?
It's really fun.
first your gonna want to imagine a cube. how big is it? Is it in the air or is it in the ground?
Then a ladder, how close is it to the cube?

You can really learn how people are like just by a few questions.
It can also get you some girls ;]
here's a link for more info


    here are the meanings of the objects

  2. That's really helpful, i checked out and thumbs up!

  3. I was thinkg of the movie Cube the entire time.

    Good post. Followed.

  4. Looks like I'm trying this out on my friends and gf. Mr. psychology is in the house. Try looking for the Japanese River Test riddle. Apparently only 10% of the worlds people can solve it.

  5. interesting, such a simple concept can tell so much.

  6. good concept looks true by the way .very confusing tho

  7. Love seeing stuff like this!

    @ HaigoR I don't think them statistics are too accurate - I solved it last night and this morning and think with enough messing/thought most people could finish. (Did take considerably longer this morning though, strange)

  8. Also, I tried it again, I keep envisioning minecraft.

  9. My cube is in the air on a white background, the ladder is propped up against the cube haha. Followed!

  10. I remember playing that game in highschool, always turned out to be vulgar or weird lol.